Beer Olympics.

—One of the most iconic parts of Oktoberfest.

Every year teams sign up, prep costumes, practise cheers, and hone their skills in an effort to claim the coveted title of SASKTOBERFEST ChampionsThis year will be no different, with teams already beginning to assemble from throughout the province.

Team registrations are will happen on the day of the event! 

The Games 

Stein Hold

One of the female members of each team must fill a Stein with beer and hold the stein out in front of
them – ensuring to keep a 90 degree angle the entire time! The team who can hold that Stein up the
longest wins! This one is crowd favorite as the ladies really give it their all, and the cheers from their
teammates really up the excitement of this first event of the day!


Schnitzel Meister Perogy Eating Contest

One team member from each team is elected to participate in this crowd favourite. The event kicks off
with each of the contestant selecting a ‘utensil’ from the mystery bag. Last year’s utensils ranged from
sugar spoons to chop sticks. Whatever they select, this must be the only utensil they use for the entirely
of the contest. Contestants then race against the clock and each other to see who can eat the most
perogies in 2 minutes.


Quarter Bounce

You remember this game right? Well we’re reviving it for Oktoberfest! Each member of the team must
takes turns trying to bounce a quarter into ‘das boot’. This continues until the time runs out and the
team with the most quarters in their ‘boot’ wins!


Brewer’s Relay

Every member of the team competes in this relay race fit for a brew master. Each team member must
take their turn dawning the work gloves, running to the opposite end of the track, and picking up an
item to assemble the keg, tap it correctly and then pour themselves a tasty pint.