—We bring the beer, they bring the party!

Music is a huge contributor to the energy and flavour of SASKTOBERFEST. This year we have some incredible groups joining us to take things to the next level. We really believe that this is going to be one for the books, and we need you to help us spread the word.

Tell your friends, and get your tickets!


You can't miss this new three piece! Three very different styles have come together to form an undeniable presence on the stage and in the studio. Powerful, yet melodic drumming. Precise, but grooving, bass lines. Intricate, yet catchy, guitar. And that voice. You've gotta hear that voice! These guys have what it takes and aren't afraid to use it. Get out there and sing and dance with them!



They started as small-town boys in an unknown group playing cover songs at open mics, but Saskatoon rockers League of Wolves have evolved into a well-respected touring band, playing high energy rock with a purpose. These four young men have spent two years building their reputation the old-fashioned way: with live shows and raw recordings. Their hardworking prairie values feed into eminently listenable rock influenced by Kings of Leon and Canadian rocker Sam Roberts. 



Twin Voices is an indie folk project with roots in the Ottawa Valley and wings in Saskatoon and Montreal. Lead member Laura Beach crafts a dark and lovely sound with imagery that draws on a life well-lived between small towns and cityscapes. Live-looping of violin, voice and guitar make for a performance that is equal parts stunning simplicity and playful complexity.



Kjelti trades silence for thoughtful gestures in melody and blushing lyrics that betray her prairie secrets.



Mo' Love Is a tribute to all that is Soul, RnB and Motown. Mo' Love is a 12 piece band featuring Saskatoon's hottest and hippest on the brass, the strings, Ivories and sweet sweet vocals. 




Have you ever wondered if there are any bands left in the music industry that displays integrity, originality and willingness to push the envelope of creativity? Meet The JMB.

A 5 piece rock band that is fresh, heavy, experimental and best of all…popular. 



Hailing from the rugged coast

Of the South Saskatchewan River, 
A Dram Too Few will drink you dry,

And make your dance boots quiver!
Irish, Scottish and Maritime,

To name a few of the jigs:
They're just the crew to hire on

For any of your celtic gigs!



The Big River Boys are a hard-partying group of friends, hailing from the muddy banks of Big River, Saskatchewan. Once proclaimed the fifth best garage band in the world, they have since outgrown their small town roots and are in search of inspiration and adventure. This rockin' group plays a wide variety of music, seamlessly swapping vocals and instruments like they once swapped girlfriends.


There will also be DJ's and Live Fire Dancing!!!